What to Make of Right and Wrong

  An excerpt from ‘Mere Christianity’ by C.S. Lewis (November 2017) This is just the first chapter where Lewis makes a fairly effective argument against any idea that ‘right and wrong’ are merely social constructs. But he’s just getting started here. This is a very short book that was originally a series of BBC broadcasts... Continue Reading →

If God, Then Why? (Pt 1)

Why do bad things happen to innocent people? You might as well ask, "why do bad things have to happen -- period?" And we do ask. At a time when there is this seemingly inexhaustible supply of "bad things" taking place the world over, from barbarism in the Middle East to indiscriminate violence in America's cities... Continue Reading →

If God, Then Why? (Pt 2)

There are quite possibly a limitless number of scenarios on which we could speculate. We are limited only by our imagination. My intent is not to answer every question and solve every riddle. Nor was it to provide irrefutable evidence or logic to dismiss those who question God's existence. I don't have the time, or... Continue Reading →

David Berlinski’s ‘The Devil’s Delusion’

David Berlinski* is a mathematician, molecular biologist and philosopher. A secular Jew, he nonetheless delivers a biting defense of religious thought. An acclaimed author who has spent his career writing about mathematics and the sciences, he turns the scientific community’s skepticism back on itself, daring to ask and answer some rather embarrassing questions:  • Has... Continue Reading →

Election Dejection

The morning after the election, I sat down to breakfast with a dozen other men for our weekly bible study. There was, among some, a gallows sense of humor about the bleakness of the country’s prospects in the months and years ahead. A month or so ago, I would have eagerly joined in the conversation.... Continue Reading →

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