Why Believe in Human Rights?

Not long ago, I watched pastor, author Tim Keller give a presentation to the employees of Google where he talked about his best-selling book, A Reason for God; Belief in the Age of Skepticism [watch here]. Keller was there at the invitation of the tech giant to participate in their ‘Google Speaks’ series, notable over the... Continue Reading →

‘The Magnificent Defeat’

I am a collector of quotes. I am drawn to those that are clever and pithy as well as those able to express an age-old truth in an unexpected and original way. This quote, from author and theologian Frederick Buchner, is more of the latter. Buchner has written more than 30 books and is known... Continue Reading →

In the Beginning

Reasonable (though admittedly biased) Assumptions About a ‘Beginner’ I think it’s safe to assert there is wide-spread acceptance in the scientific community our universe had a beginning. What has far less acceptance however, is the belief that beginning had a ‘Beginner’ — Someone or Something — that caused that beginning to occur. For some, the question... Continue Reading →

Grading Our Lives on a Curve

No matter what any of us believe about God, for some reason, it still matters greatly to us (or most of us, any way) that we believe ourselves to be basically, good people. In fact, I would go as far as saying that we derive a big chunk of pride and our sense of self... Continue Reading →

The Blind Scientist

I find present in the atheistic world view this idea there is something grand and mysterious about our beginnings and so they ascribe to the universe, mankind, our DNA, characteristics and traits that take on deistic-like attributes. Richard Dawkins' "selfish gene" -- that only humans have the ability to act in ways contrary to our makeup... Continue Reading →

Evangelicals, Where is Your Faith?

By David French (May 2018) This feature originally appeared in National Review (Nov. 10, 2017). This piece speaks so well, so pointedly, to what is becoming the entrenched public personna of evangelical Christianity, where we care more for political power and winning the “culture wars” than we do the cause of Christ.  There are some... Continue Reading →

S*** Town Theology

Spiritual take-aways from the latest podcast by the 'Serial' team (July 2017) One weekend this past spring, my wife and I traveled to Charlotte and back to visit our son at school. This is a 16-hour roundtrip that cries out for some serious diversion, such as a book on CD or a podcast. We ended... Continue Reading →

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